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Updated Feb 2013
About Us

Clitheroe United Reformed Church 
a member of 'Clitheroe Churches in Partnership'
is one of the churches in The Clitheroe Group
together with Barrow and Newton-in-Bowland.


The Church is situated in the centre of the town and facing the main entrance to Clitheroe Castle.  The  translation of the Latin inscription on on the  town's crest reads, "The river flows, the rock stands."  The church was built on part of the castle rock;  the foundation stone was laid in 1862 and the church was opened on Good Friday 1863.  

It has undergone some alterations over the years.  In 1967 to mark the Triple Jubilee of the beginning of Congregationalism  in Clitheroe, the church was altered  to make room for the  present  'common room' at the front of the church.  It was recorded at that time,  "It is impossible not to recognise that those who have gone before and  taken part in changing events, have always had a vision - sometimes  splendid and clear, sometimes faint and blurred - of a rock, immovable and steadfast”.


“The work of their faith stands.  That the river flows and  the rock stands must always be the message of the future. We can expect nothing but changes and we can expect that they will come with increasing rapidity,  but our faith is also that the purpose of God will as surely stand."

         Our Vision for the 21st Century

In 2007 there was much thought and prayer about our vision for the future.  The membership has a mixed age group and we have welcomed a number of new members recently. The building is very well placed in the centre of the town, but like all buildings approaching 150 years, it needs to be brought up to date.


The church currently sprawls on two levels and clearly, for good access; the street level is the important one.  Incorporated in our plans is a more open aspect to the street.  Although such plans are still a long way off, regular worship at Cafe Caprice on the opposite side of the road, allows us to be a bit more public and to offer a welcome to people who may be reluctant to enter the church building.  

A Project Group and a Fundraising Group are in place and a regular Prayer Group is at the heart of the project.


In 2009 sufficient money has been raised to start some of the building work.