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Updated Feb 2013
Meet the People

Michele Jarmany

It is a really exciting time to be at Clitheroe. I joined the Clitheroe Church as minister in February 2009 and found myself in the middle of a process to develop a whole new vision of the church called 'The Street Level Church'. This is providing everyone with new and challenging opportunities to share the Good News- which is what being a Christian is all about! Not only are we busy doing - we are busy praying too-another important part of being a Christian! It is good to be part of such enthusiasm for God here in Clitheroe!

Geoff Holmes

I first entered church life at the age of 16 via the cricket team at Regent Street Congregational Church, Oldham.  I therefore acknowledge the role that the church has in engaging with the wider community.  As we open our doors to the children from Belarus each year, the East Lancashire People First Group, the new baby and toddler group and the many other groups and people who use our church, we welcome them in Christian love and respect.


Wendy Higson

My faith helps me in my work as a doctor by reminding me that we should always look forward with hope. Hope that a treatment will succeed, hope that pain will be relieved, hope that bonds with family and friends will strengthen during illness and hardship and hope that even if all else fails, we have the knowledge that God is always with us comforting and protecting us


Susan Barsby

I have been a church member for over 7 years and a serving elder for 3 years, all three of my sons attend church regularly with myself and my husband.  I work part time in a local primary school and like most working mums have a busy family life, being part of the church gives me some calm and peaceful time in an otherwise hectic week and allows me to reflect and look forward to the future as part of the church family.


Sarah Bowness

I have lived in Clitheroe and worshipped at Clitheroe U.R.C since I was born. As a baby I was brought for christening. As a child I was brought to Sunday worship and Sunday school. As teenager I only rarely attended church. However, as a young mother, I realised I wanted my children to be part of the church family and brought them for baptism and later worship. And now I am an Elder, still not sure how that happened, but I am enjoying getting to know people better and starting to see how we all try to work together to make the church an instrument of God’s love.


Fiona Ritchie

This church community became part of my extended family when I moved to Clitheroe in 1988, expecting my first child.  We were welcomed warmly and were soon joined by other young families.  We became involved with the forming of the Clitheroe branch of ‘Friends of Chernobyl’s Children’ working ecumenically for others and learning much from our young guests.  I find that my faith helps me daily in my work as a sixth form teacher and has sustained me and my family through many challenging times.  We have shared many happy occasions over the years, in worship and events such as the annual Christmas Fairs, Burn’s Nights and recently musical events.  As an Elder, I am pleased to be part of the ‘Street Level Church’ project.